For The Love Of Hockey

ice hock·ey
noun: ice hockey; modifier noun: ice-hockey
  1. a fast contact sport played on an ice rink between two teams of six skaters, who attempt to drive a small rubber disk (the puck) into the opposing goal with hooked or angled sticks. It developed in Canada in the 19th century.

For every one of you, hockey has in some way or another affected your life. It has brought you through a roller coaster of emotions whether you’re yelling at your TV or yelling in the stands. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes leaving you reeling and wondering why you put yourself through it each and every season. At some point in your life, you fell in love with the sport. For most of us, this occurred sometime in our youth while for some of us, we did not discover our love for this sport till much later. Whether you have been a life-long fan, or you are just starting your journey, we all have that moment, or moments even where hockey grabbed us, held on tight, and refused to let go. Our world would never be the same.

Hockey is different. It’s steeped in history and tradition, something many of today’s most popular sports lack. Hockey players play for their team, their fan base, but most importantly for each other. The game is in their blood, and their blood is in the game. It’s their passion. It’s what drives them. And that driving passion isn’t just limited to the players-it applies to every kid who has laced up his skates before playing some puck on the frozen pond out back, every parent that has given everything of themselves to make sure their kids have the opportunity to play, every coach that has taken the time to mentor and teach the game to the kids under their wing and the everyday fan that can’t play but lights up like a Christmas tree when opening up a $3 pack of hockey cards.

Hockey has so many perks. One minute you’re watching a star like Alex Ovechkin rush past a defender and somehow get the puck into the back of the net as he falls to the ice. In the same game, you could theoretically catch the artistry of Pavel Datsyuk when he dangles the puck before abruptly changing his direction much to the surprise of the defender.

It’s the love the players have for each other, it’s the way the fans become die hards for their teams and its the way a parents face lights up when they watch their kid on the ice (except for the crazy hockey moms, we can pass on them).

I can’t remember a time without hockey. I’m almost positive my dad had me watching hockey the day I was born and growing up, nothing seemed to change. I would beg my dad to play hockey with me in the kitchen and being the sassy girl I was, I would always fall down and fake hurt and act like my favorite Red Wings players. It’s simple moments like that that stay so memorable and show how much of an impact hockey makes in the lives of fans and players.

It’s a sport that forms a hockey community into a hockey family. It’s more than hockey.


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One Response to For The Love Of Hockey

  1. Jeff Shivener says:

    This is amazing! I don’t think this could be put any better.


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