Gametime: Saginaw Valley vs. Ohio Dominican

SAGINAW, Mich. – Last home game for Saginaw Valley State University brought in the Ohio Dominican Panthers. After a close game, ODU beat SVSU 24-17 and move to 7-3 on the season as SVSU moves to 1-9. It was senior night for SVSU which means some of these boys will never touch the place they’ve poured their sweat, blood and tears in the past few years; the football field. They played for their seniors tonight but its more than just a game; it’s a relationship with the sport where your heart is placed on your jersey and you tie up your cleats in hopes that your legs pump harder than your heart does.

The first quarter may have kept the scoreboard set to zero for both teams but the battle was there. SVSU came out ready for the upset. ODU had the advantage coming into the game but to SVSU their records didn’t matter once the game began. .

Second quarter was when SVSU decided they were going to send ODU back to the sideline with hanging heads. Within minutes, Brad Odeman Jr. connected with Marq Johnson for a 30-yard touchdown. Alex Kenrick then added the extra point. SVSU gets the first score of the game leading 7-0.With six minutes left Darryl Johnson of ODU made the score 7-7. 1:54 left in the second quarter and Dez Stewart of ODU gets a 6-yard pass from Grant Russell and ODU takes the lead 14-7. Sidenote: with 27 seconds left Ryan Verhelst made a beautiful tackle and I’m still convinced that his victim can’t see straight now. ODU reacted and with 17 seconds left made the score 21-7 the Stewart and Russell at it again.

Third quarter, 10:43 on the clock, Alex Kenrick from SVSU kicks a 26-yard field goal and eases the score 21-10.

It’s all a back and fourth game which leads into the fourth quarter. Brent Wahle of ODU makes a 50-yard field goal as ODU increases their lead 24-10. SVSU pushed back to show ODU that theyre not going down without a fight. With 4:03 left on the clock Odeman found Johnson for the second time. Johnson scored on a 27-yard pass and Alex Kenrick follows with the kick to decrease the gap 24-17. The clock ran close as SVSU did their best to tie the game up, but fell short and the final score remained at 24-17.

If there would’ve been at least two more minutes added to the clock, SVSU would’ve came back without a doubt. The will just have to pour everything they have left on the season into next week. They won’t be leaving that field without another W in the book for them.

SVSU heads into their next game Saturday, November 14th, at Grand Valley State University for Battle of the Valleys. It will be a battle that you won’t want to miss.


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