Your Dreams Only Work If You Do

I recently saw a tweet by Rachel Baribeau, College Sports Nation Host, that said “Aspiring female sportscasters: STOP saying you want to be a sideline reporter. Tell the world you want to write, edit, host, produce. #totalpackage”

She nailed that tweet. First of all, woman are very rare to see in the sports broadcasting world. Never EVER limit yourself. If you want to pursue a career in sports learn all the aspects of it. Learn how to run a producing board, research teams before you attend the event, learn how to edit highlights and go above and beyond to learn all of the skills. When you tell a future company all of your skills, they will be more than impressed. There are SO many people in this world who think a women in sports is just a pretty face. Because why would women know a sport like football because it’s a mans sport right?!? Women have come a long way in the sports casting from being a “Barbie-on-air” and something to guys to stare at. Girls get criticized for wanting to go to games, tweeting their opinions or being interesting in any type of sport. Sorry to break it to you guys, but woman CAN know sports and CAN be educated on it. HOW CRAZY!! Sometimes we even keep up with sports more than guys, sorry not sorry.

With the outbreak of women in the sports industry world, it’s so uplifting to know all of the possibilities that can happen entering such a field.

If you think you can’t enter the sports industry because you don’t live in a sports populated area, you don’t know who to contact or you don’t have connections you are completely wrong. Last year, around this time i went online searching for an internship/job in sports. I was only 19 at the time but being the person i am, i wanted to start now and make connections. I got in contact with ESPN 100.9 and i still remember the day they called me saying i got the internship. I ran home, tackled my best friend and then rolled around on the ground in happiness for an hour. Complete Ashley move. The internship turned into a job and I am still continuing with them getting to do the most amazing things. I am SO blessed by ESPN 100.9 and they continue to let me go on the most amazing adventures. From running the board during minor league baseball games to attending professional sporting events to recording radio commercials, it’s all phenomenal. I have been lucky enough to receive media passes to Detroit Red Wings, Grand Rapids Griffins, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons and Michigan State games. Who would’ve though that at twenty years old i would be interviewing professional athletes after their games?! From Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and more. It is possible. I get to pursue my dreams everyday and it is so amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to go to events like these and sit in the press box, make friends with EVERYONE. And by everyone i mean everyone. I have made some amazing connections by simply just being friendly to everyone and trust me they will remember you for your personality and politeness. Not to mention it feels pretty nice for even the elevator man to remember your name and ask how your drive there was. It’s also a bonus that when you meet friends you don’t have to eat alone before the game (like I did the first time). There are people all around you that can help you advance in your career. They will remember you if you make a good impression and go out of your way to introduce yourself. Be yourself, be outgoing, be knowledgeable and you will go far in life.

God has a plan for everyone and will give you a specific job or opportunity when the moment is right and when you’re ready for it. Continue to work hard and strive for what you want. Go out on a limb and email that CEO of a job you’ve been so interested in. Reaching out to ESPN 100.9 was the best decision of my life and they’ve blessed me with the best of the best opportunities. Anyone can reach out and find an amazing opportunity like that. Ladies, we can make it in the sports industry I promise!


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Intern for ESPN 100.9
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3 Responses to Your Dreams Only Work If You Do

  1. Brian Pasela says:

    You are a true voice for young professional women with wisdom beyond your years. Your parents must be so proud of you. I remember when I was new to Twitter, you were dealing with some serious health issues. Hope all is well, and keep doing what doing!

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  2. Nancy says:

    You are a great voice for women in sports! Tell Brian, we are proud of you! 🙂

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