Michigan State Remains Undefeated

Fans are on their feet, green and white flood the stadium and Sparty cartwheels onto the field. The atmosphere is electric. The team runs out from the tunnel and your ears begin to ring from the loudness of the crowd. It’s another Saturday for Michigan State Football at Spartan Stadium. The Spartans took on the Indiana Hoosiers today with a kickoff beginning at 3:30 pm. Before the game standings held Indiana at 4-3 and 0-3 Big Ten and Michigan State at 7-0 and 3-0 Big Ten. For the 57th time these two teams are competing for the Old Brass Spittoon. The Spartans lead the series overall 44-15-2.
Early into the first quarter Indiana came out strong and ready to show they had something to fight for. Jordan Howard from Indiana scored on a 5 yard run to put the Hoosiers on the scoreboard first with a 7-0 lead after the field goal. Shortly after, Michigan State’s Connor Cook doesn’t waste any time and connects with R.J Shelton for a 22 yard scoring play and tie the score up at 7 with 5:56 left in the first quarter. That pass makes it Connor Cooks 62nd career touchdown pass, tying for second on Michigan State’s all-time board.
Opening up the second quarter and Michigan State wastes no time showing Indiana who owns this field. First play and Delton Williams scores on a 1 yard run to make the score 14-7 Michigan State. As Indiana attempts to fight back, Michigan States coverage and open field tackling becomes tested. Indiana comes back and makes the score 14-13 on a Nate Sudfeld’s 11 yard touchdown pass to Ricky Jones. The extra point being no good. Connor Cook continues his roll with his receivers and making little to no mistakes pushes them forward. With the protection on Cook becoming stronger, his passes are more accurate and aimed at the receivers. Every pass today from Cook seems to be complete. Cook and Burbridge continue their chemistry as Cook’s pass to Burbridge goes as an 11 yard scoring play to get the score up to 21-13. The Spartan Dawgs are not looking back and showing any mercy this afternoon. Yet the Hoosiers fight back and score another touchdown by Cobbs with 1:09 left in the second quarter. That makes the score 21-20. Before the second quarter is completed, Cook records his third straight and 23rd career 200 yard passing game. Going into halftime and the Spartans grip on to the lead with 21-20.
As the third quarter started, Cook was on fire right away. He connected with Price to increase their lead 28-20 against the Hoosiers. Shortly after the pass, social media blew up with fans tweeting that Cook is the best quarterback in college football considering he became the third quarterback in MSU history to reach the 8,000 yard career milestone. Just minutes later the Hoosiers fight back with a touchdown by Booker bringing the score to 28-26.
Beginning the fourth quarter the Spartans get a 21 yard field goal by Michigan Geiger to extend their lead 31-26. Shortly after, Cook sets his career high completions by connecting with Shelton for a ten yard scoring play on a fade route increasing the lead¬¬ 38-26. It doesn’t stop there as MSU’s tailback, LJ Scott, breaks through with a 26 yard touchdown run upping the lead over Indiana 45-26. Without wasting any time, MSU rolls on as Gerald Holmes runs for a 22 yard touchdown increasing the lead to 52-26.
The unbeaten streak for the Spartans continues on as the final score remained at 52-26 over the Indiana Hoosiers. Nothing but a team full of heart, determination and fight walked onto the field. The Spartans stay 8-0 on the season as they enter their bye week. Following the game, Michigan State’s head coach Mark Dantonio said “The bottom line is we know how to win. We’ve learned how to win close games. The culture exists that we expect to win and somehow, someway, we’ve got to remain our composure and do pretty well. I think that’s the biggest thing. We expect how to win and there’s a confidence level.”


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