Another Sunday, Another Defeat

Another Sunday is in the books for the Detroit Lions and their luck hasn’t seemed to turn around. The Detroit Lions faced the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field hoping for their second win of the season. Coming off of their first win last week, the Lions seemed ready to compete in the game and show their fans that they won’t give up on them. Going into the game the Lions held a record of 1-6 as the Vikings stand at 4-2.
Detroit seemed ready to battle and proved that they can be a winning team as they took off to a hot start in the first quarter.

Early on Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson were a forced to be reckoned with. Stafford makes a beautiful throw to Johnson for the 50th touchdown connection between them and the Lions are first on the scoreboard 7-0. Vikings had a forced field goal and the score moves to 7-3. Stafford did more than show up this game as he connects with Ebron shortly after for another touchdown and forcing the score 14-3. The offense was humming, the fans were on their feet and it looked like a positive turn around for this team. The Lions defense then forced two Vikings field goals and the score stood at 14-6. Viking’s them fumble as Detroit recovers the ball and Prater kicks a 52 yard field goal to increase the lead 17-6. The hot start then seemed to cool off as the Lions looked to have lost all of the momentum they had going for them. The Vikings then took over and began to dominate both ends of the ball. Vikings, Rudolph scores their first touchdown of the game and closes the gap to make the score 17-12. After another field goal, halftime holds the score at 17-15.
Third quarter actions begins as Minnesota gets their first lead of the game with a touchdown to bring the score to 17-22. The Lions defense held strong and limited the Vikings to a single field goal and the Lions still swing behind at 17-25. As the Lions held strong for that play, they seemed to fall right after that as Stafford was sacked seven times and plowed over by the Vikings defense. The Lions seemed to look dysfunctional as the sacks seemed to be more frequent. The team began to unravel and their strong first quarter meant nothing now and they were getting dominated by the Vikings. The final score was 17-25 and the Detroit Lions faced yet another unfortunate loss on the season.

For a team to come out so strong and hungry for another win, they seemed to fall quickly once they began to get outrun by the Vikings. Heartbroken fans flooded out once they felt their team didn’t have the heart in the game anymore. Yet, other fans stayed and will stick behind their team as they hope for at least one more win this season as the Lions travel to London next to face the Chiefs.


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