It’s More Than Football

Whether you’re in the NFL, college, or any level and participate in the sport of football, you know what it means to you. Clearly, I’ve never played football. I mean I was a cheerleader so I watched a lot of football ok???

Football is a lot more than a game of throwing a ball and running. It’s the blood, sweat, tears, brotherhood and hours of practice poured into the sport you love. It’s the smile you get when you see your parents who drove miles to see you sitting in the stands cheering their hearts out for you. It’s the feeling of running on the field underneath the lights. There’s nothing quite like game day with the warm-up music blaring from the stadium, the freshly painted field, and the anticipation of the battle that will soon commence. It’s a sport filled with principles of strategy, play making, agility, and endurance. It’s a relationship with the sport where your heart is placed on your jersey and you tie up your cleats in hopes that your legs pump harder than your heart does.

To love football doesn’t mean you need to play it. You can be that die hard fan spending your weekends watching all different levels of football. Spending your money on jerseys, those tickets you cant afford, and those damn good hot dogs you buy at the game and eat 6 of (or maybe that’s just me). Fans love football, and the players return that love with their actions on the field. They stand by their team in the losing and winning seasons. Football players deserve unbelievable credit and when their fans are behind them, its the credit they deserve.

At the end of the day it’s more than just a practice and more than a game. It’s more than football.

“Football is like life; it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” ~ Vince Lombardi


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One Response to It’s More Than Football

  1. Nancy says:

    As always, good job AVO jr!


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