Who Is Hated More Than Matt Stafford?!

That’s right, you guessed it. The NFL refs.

Do the Detroit Lions have awful luck? Yupp. Did the NFL refs blow the game for us last night? Hell yeah.

BLIND TO THE BAT. Yeah NFL refs, let’s get it together.

The Seahawk’s essentially game winning play should not have counted.

The boys were hungry in that fourth quarter but apparently the refs were hungry to make an incorrect call as well to finish off the game. Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor punched the ball out of Calvin Johnsons hands and the refs called it a fumble on the 1-yard line. Wright then knocked the ball out of the back of the end zone. According to NFL vice president of officiating, that is illegal. Apparently it was a judgement call and not reviewable. The ball should have never been given back to the Seahawks. The Lions should have retained possession of the ball. If you watch the replay of the ref, he is so close to pulling a flag out during the play and then he just casually shrugs it off. Good call man, everyone in Michigan now holds a grudge on you.

Half of the Lions fans everywhere started out blaming the Lions once the refs called Johnson on a fumble and gave possession to the Seahawks. “Typical Lions.” Yet, the other half saw what actually happened. The Lions were so close to there first win you could taste it. The boys came alive at the end and Johnson was on fire and then the “bat-out-of-hell play happened.” It happened and the entire city of Detroit cringed.

Seahawks move to 2-2 on the season and our Lions move to 0-4. It’s already difficult for some people to be Lions fan and when the refs cost us the game, it makes the wound a little more sensitive. Lions fans wont forget the “what could have been” first win of the season. Tough loss to swallow.

The Lions will be pushing for their first win Sunday at 4:05 pm against the Arizona Cardinals. I will be down there covering the game so if they win, you’re welcome Detroit. I am the good luck charm.


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