Another Heartbreak For Lions Fans

It wasn’t just another night for Detroit Lions fan. It was the moment we’ve been waiting for all season. Just when people were continuing to lose hope, the Lions were in the come up in the fourth quarter and then the fumble….

1:45 left in the game and Seattle’s Kam Chancellor crushed our dreams.

10-13 final score.

Yes,  everyone breathe because like fans everywhere it looked like Calvin Johnson had that touchdown and in the blink of an eye another loss was in the books.

You can’t spell determination without Detroit right?!? Clearly these boys were hungry tonight and they wanted to give their fans something to be proud of, something to believe in. They gave it their all. The Seattle Seahawks were ready for us and we looked like we were ready to return the favor. For the most part we were. There was just no finish.

Fans everywhere are saying “another week and another heartbreak.” Maybe so but there was one positive in the game!!! Stafford did hit all 7 passes in the first quarter and Lord only knows that hasn’t been happening lately.

Keep your faith Detroit fans! There’s hope for a win Sunday against the Cardinals.

(Best part of this game could’ve easily been Peyton Mannings Nationwide commercial singing about chicken parm) (Just kidding!!) (But not really)


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2 Responses to Another Heartbreak For Lions Fans

  1. Eric says:

    Great post! But was Stafford’s 7-7 completions in the first more impressive? Or was his final drive? I loved the way Stafford looked in the last Lions drive, he needs to find a way to harness that determination and play it out for an entire game. Once he can do that, we have a great shot at being the dominant offense that we should be.


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