Matt Stafford: Lions Fans Showing No Mercy

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you’re frustrated, upset, annoyed and “tired of being a Lions fan.” Maybe you’re joining the other disappointed fans and sitting around a bonfire with a Stafford jersey up in flames. Because maybe that will fix the Lions losing record right?!?

Maybe it’s just me, but you wouldn’t catch me burning a jersey of a team I love (and spent good money on) unless there were hot dogs. Okay, that’s a joke but honestly burning a jersey sets a bad example for Lions fans.

But, COME ON Detroit!! If you are a true Lions fans you can always keep a positive thought and hope for a winning season. But a true fan will always stand behind their team, whether it’s a winning or losing season.

Stafford’s start to the season hasn’t been as hot as his jersey has. But no player deserves to have their jersey burned.

He plays a key role on the team, yet other players can step up to the plate as well Offense and defense are both in a struggle this season. If the Lions were having a winning season, people would be wearing those Stafford jerseys with a big smile on their face.

“No matter how many #9 jerseys people burn or how many negative things people say about these players they will continue to fight for a championship for this city.” -Kelly Stafford

Regardless of the outcome every year, die-hard Lions fans have compared burning the jersey to “burning the American flag.” Let’s hope the Lions are on fire the rest of the season, instead of the jersey’s.


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One Response to Matt Stafford: Lions Fans Showing No Mercy

  1. Nancy says:

    So true Ashley!


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