SVSU Football: Why Not Us?!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us”

Look beyond the record, look beyond the stats, look beyond the numbers thrown on the scoreboard. SVSU may have lost their first three games but they’re ready to bounce back and come back even hungrier for the games to come.

Having a football team who is more like a family means these boys can bring a lot more to the table. Behind the scenes, the talent is unreal.There may not be a standout player, but having a team full of players with the right skill set makes a good team. These boys have speed, strength and the heart to be champions. That’s something you don’t find very often. Tony Wilson, All-American equipment manager of the team oversees a lot of behind the scenes action. He said ” I witness the boys in practice first hand everyday. I know they have what it takes to be successful.”

After a tough 2014 season, the Cardinals are ready to regain their name and show off all of the extra hours they’ve been putting in. They’ve got the motivation to be a winning team and won’t look back on last year as a regret, instead only a learning experience on what to improve on. Off season was prime for them to make perfections on the improvements to get them back on track. Junior Matt Mckoy, free safety, is a key player for the Cardinals and said “the boys worked heavy on our strength and endurance in the off season. During that rough season most of the games we lost were due to a lack of durability in both sides of the ball.” That will bring a big improvement to them this fall.

Losing key players last year didn’t make it any easier for this season. As well as having a team that wasn’t used to working together yet, didn’t put the scoring in their favor. But things will change, and the Cardinals will all work together for their one love, football. Each game different players are evolving and showing what they have to offer.

Cornerback Ryan Verhelst knows when he steps on the field he has aggressive  players around him, their only struggle is putting together four good quarters which they plan to fix Saturday against the Bulldogs.

The Cardinals have more time to come together as a team and prove to everyone that they are not a team to be easily messed with.Tight end, Will Farr, said “the approach Saturday is to spread the field out and to make plays. We are going to take more big shots downfield and make plays on the ball.” When they come out Saturday against Ferris there will be more than fire in their hearts, they will be hungry with a desire to get their first win.

Saturday, the boys will  leave everything on the field. They will come out with a purpose. Come out to Ferris (9/26) to cheer them on. Get yourself ready for big things to come from these boys.

Don’t count SVSU out yet for the 2015 season. They’re on the come up.

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”


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  1. Nancy says:

    Good job!


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