Michigan State Football Moves to #2 in the NCAA

An emotional win over Oregon led the Spartans into the following weekend game against the Air Force Falcons. A crowd of 72,211 people were there to witness the beauty of the game.

First quarter and Connor Cook wasted zero time to show everyone what he was all about with his standout throws. With 8:48 left in the 1st quarter Cook connected with Josiah Price to start the scoreboard out at 7-0. Price’s catch tied him for most touchdown catches by a tight end in school history at 13.

Just as the Falcons were starting to heat up, RJ Williamson recovers a fumble from the falcons and returned 64 yards to push the Spartans to a 14-0 lead. With 1:22 left in the first quarter Falcons push to get there first touchdown of the game to bring the score 14-7.

In the second quarter, taking the Spartans to a 21-7 lead, Cook finds Aaron Burbridge in the end zone for a highlight reel catch. Burbridge continued to be on point and had a 32 yard scoring play to extend the lead to 28-7. Burbridge must’ve ate his Wheaties considering he recorded his third straight 100 yard receiving game with five catches for 122 yards to finish up the second quarter.

Third quarter and Burbridge continues to be an all-star as Cook finds him for the third time in the end zone for a 35-7 lead over the Falcons. Air Force continued to fight back with another touchdown to make the score 35-14.

Fourth quarter, with 2:11 left the Falcons cut the lead to 35-21 with another touchdown.  Spartans improved their lead to 3-0 on the season with a hard earned win and some all-star plays by their key players.

After the game Burbridge said “I’m just playing with confidence. Confidence is key. We’re all here playing for Michigan State. But you have to go out there with confidence to know what you’re doing.”

Michigan State looks to keep their undefeated streak going as they face Central Michigan this Saturday, the 26th in East Lansing.


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