Bay County Wolves “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

I’ll start this post out by saying the Bay County Wolves were defeated by the Grandville Bulldogs in the MHSAA 2015 Division 1 state semifinal game Friday the 13th……but that’s besides the point of this blog post.

The Wolves were more than a team this year, they were a family, a group of brothers who fought together to make history. These boys made it the farthest the Bay County Wolves ever have and fought all the way up until the final four; one game away from the state championship. The truly amazing thing about these boys is that they weren’t predicted to go this far. They were predicted to have a rebuilding year, so if rebuilding means making it to the final four then the Wolves did that well.

Every game, these boys fought together, fought as one. They gave more effort than they even knew they had in them. People said they couldn’t do it, their rivals said they had no chance of making it far, and the boys pushed passed the negatives and gave each other something they will remember forever.

I can’t say enough positive words about these group of boys but if you had the pleasure of watching them this season then you know that they are clearly one of the best. The boys had their own little version of the movie “Miracle” and proved their a team that shouldn’t be messed with. (And maybe if you’re a crazy hockey sister like me you recited the Miracle speech to your little brother before the big game) because isn’t that how all hockey players get pumped up these days?!?

The boys lose some extremely talented seniors this year who were a great influence on and off the ice to the other boys and they can only be so proud of the way they went out together. Don’t count the Wolves out for the future, they will continue to be on the up rise!

“Your team becomes your family, the rink becomes your home and the game becomes your life”


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