Bay County Wolves: 3 Peat Regional Champs

For the third time, the boys are still rollin’ and pick up their third straight regional championship. The boys took a 4-3 win over Grand Blanc to take the trophy back to Bay City. They take on Jackson, Wednesday March 11th for the Division 1 state quarterfinals.

The Wolves aren’t just your average hockey team. They’re a group of boys who love the game they play and they play it with class and give 110% every game. Losing most of their seniors last year they still proved that they are not a team to mess with.

The squad went 16-10-1 on the year and will be fighting until they make it to the state championship. If a team were to win by their heart, these boys would already hold the state title.

Trenton Pashak got the boys fired up with a first period goal followed by goals from Carson Eby, Hunter David and Tyler David. Ryan Hauger and Kyle VanOchten each added two assists as well as Brendan Rievert, Hunter David and Tyler David each adding an assist as well.

The boys play as a team and that’s what make them champions as well as having a goalie like Alex Wlodarczak.

The boys kept competing and played the game they’ve grown up loving.

Head out to the Perani Arena in Flint on Wednesday at 6 pm to cheer the Wolves to a win!


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