Sophomore Captain: Kyle VanOchten

Now I’m not sure about you, but when a sophomore is chosen to be one of the captain’s of the hockey team, that says a lot about that person.

Not only is Kyle my awesome little brother but he is also one hell of a hockey player for the Bay City Wolves hockey team.

Kyle started playing hockey when he was 3 years old on the rink on the side of our house. (because who’s dad doesn’t build them a rink next to their house?!?)

Ever since then hockey has been his lifestyle and his entire life. He exceeds in football and lacrosse as well, but hockey is the sport that holds his heart.Watching that kid play hockey is quite the treat and keeping in mind that he is only sixteen is pretty impressive. I will be the first person to tell you that he is not the biggest person out on the ice by any means, but he sure as hell plays like it. Watching a kid that’s his size take out some of the biggest players on the other team says a lot about the player he is. He has no fear on the ice. He will take you down then skate circles around you until he chucks another point up on the scoreboard.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m his favorite old sister (and only sister) but he has quite the future past high school in hockey. He hopes to go play college hockey after high school and attend Boston College.

On his current high school team he looks up to Trenton Pashak who is a senior. Sports is all about having that older mentor to help you and show you the ropes and with Trenton having the charisma he does and being able to move the puck around gives a good example for the younger kids.

Being a leader on and off the ice and being willing to do anything for your teammates is a key role in the athletic world and with a heart like Kyle’s hes doing well at holding the position of being one of the captains. Watching him play, you can tell he loves the sport and is all about being a team player. Instead of some kids who like to hold the glory of scoring himself, he likes to share it and that’s what makes him the leader and hockey player he is today.

The Bay City Wolves will go with hopes to win the SVL Championship this year as well as proceed onto states.

“It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how you get hit and keep moving forward.”


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    Love it!

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