Myles Collier: Big Heart, Bigger Player

Ask anyone on the Saginaw Valley State University football team about their teammate Myles Collier and they will describe one hell of a guy to you. They’ll most likely rave on his charisma, his leadership skills and especially his ability on the field.

Myles prepped at Westerville South High School where he received the “Hitman” award his junior year which basically sums him up as the best defensive player over the year. After that, everyone knew there were big things to come.

Myles takes pride in bettering himself in every aspect he can. He is the type of guy to give it all he has and then some. Like in most sports, practice really does make you perfect so that you can go out and perform on the field when it really counts. He’s always willing to give it his all for the team because between them and football, that’s his one love.

Off season is big for Myles and the entire SVSU team as well. That’s their prime time to make perfection of all of their mistakes from their season before.

You’ll find number 26 on the field with a fire in his eyes and a fire in his heart. When you find a player or teammate like him, that’s when magic happens. Ask him his biggest motivation and he’ll tell you that it’s his parents. Once he see’s them in the stands, cheering him on his game is instantly on point.

Standing at 5’11, 200 pounds, Myles was active in all the special teams and had 10 tackles on special teams this year.

SVSU held a record of 2-9 this past season, but they can only go up from here. Coming off a rougher season, they are ready to do everything in their power to make for a better year.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Great story about Myles!

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