The Beginning

So this being my very first blog post EVER, anyone who reads this will be able to tell that I’m quite the rookie at it. And considering the only people who will actually read this will be five of my best friends…so hi Ashley, Carly, Alyssa, Mimi & Sam, I appreciate all of the love. Before anyone gets annoyed of me already and thinks I’m crazy I will give you a little insider of who I am and what you can be expecting in my blog!

About a month ago I started my AMAZING new internship and job with ESPN 100.9. I currently work in producing sports shows and working in the studio. Starting tomorrow I will be attending the Detroit Red Wings game as a reporter in the press box and afterwards I will be heading to the locker room to do interviews! I am so excited because this is exactly what I want to do in my future! SO be expecting an amazing post tomorrow featuring all of my interviews and experience from the game!! 🙂

You can expect to read a lot about hockey in my blogs so if you’re a hockey hater I’m truly sorry BUT good news for you is I can receive passes to other games such as the Detroit Pistons and since my radio station is inside the Great Lakes Loons stadium, once baseball season hits I will be working with some of their players and doing features on them! (I promise I wont make it boring)

Besides hockey I will be writing blogs about certain players and the effects being a professional athlete takes on their home life as well. Along with the steps it took them to get them where they are today!

Anyways I love talking about myself (just kidding) but a little insight on me. I am currently in my second year of college and attending Central Michigan University next fall. FIRE UP CHIPS! I have an amazing 16 year old brother named Kyle who plays hockey for the Bay City Wolves. He will never ever read my blog but eventually I’ll be writing about how proud he makes me as a big sister! I also have the best parents in the whole world (Hi MOM AND DAD!!!). They will think I put that for some extra cash but I really do mean it.

I’m aspiring to be a sideline reporter one day which is a main reason I look up to the beautiful Erin Andrews so much!

So there’s a little insight on myself and my family and I was probably extremely boring but I promise tomorrow after reporting at my first Wings game, my next blog post may or may not be flames. 🙂

P.S If you ever want to put a voice to my writing, I sound like a chipmunk on helium when I talk. SO hopefully that will help ya.


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Intern for ESPN 100.9
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One Response to The Beginning

  1. Nancy VanOchten says:

    You told the truth, you certainly are a BIG hockey person!! Its in your blood, since you were a baby DAD would feed you & watch the Red Wings; no way out of hockey for you. We are very proud of you, especially for being so ambitious!


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